Neglected infectious disease and sexually transmitted disease (STD)

Invited speakers

Prof. Dr. dr. Hardyanto Soebono, Sp.KK(K)
Prof. Nai-Ying Ko, Ph.D.
drg. Goeno Soebagyo, Sp.O.Path.


Accepted papers will be submitted to one of the following journals indexed by Scopus/Thomson Reuters/PubMed/DOAJ:

  • Global Health Action (Scopus Q1, Thomson Reuters IF 1.896, PubMed)
  • Kobe Journal of Medical Sciences (Scopus Q3, PubMed)
  • Indonesian Journal of Chemistry (Scopus Q4)
  • Journal of the Medical Sciences (DOAJ)
  • Indonesian Journal of Pharmacy (DOAJ)
  • Acta Medica Indonesiana (Scopus Q2)
  • Belitung Nursing Journal (DOAJ)
  • The Indonesian Biomedical Journal (Thomson Reuters, DOAJ)

Papers not accepted for publication in the aforementioned journals will have the option of being published in UGM Proceedings.

Publication terms and conditions

  1. All papers will go through the peer-review process of the corresponding journal, with the final decision made by its respective editor.
  2. Authors are responsible for the payment of publication fees, except for UGM Proceedings.
  3. BPP UGM will provide assistance with manuscript preparation; i.e. layouting according to the particular journal's guidelines and checking for plagiarism.