Satellite events

Computer and Information Technology

Topics: Artificial intelligence; Bioinformatics; Computational sciences; Computer graphics; Computer vision; Data sciences; Decision support system; E-government; and more.

Electronics, Power, Communication, Control, and Instrumentation symposium

Topics: Adaptive control; Antennas; Biomedical electronics; Cognitive radio; Computer-aided–electronics design and technology; Control of infinite-dimensional systems; and more.

The 3rd Geoscience and Environmental Management symposium

Topics: Environmental management; Disaster risk reduction; Land, water, and natural resources; Engineering economy and cost analysis; Environmental and geology engineering; and more.

Life Sciences, Materials, and Applied Chemistry symposium

Topics: Analytical, environmental, and green chemistry; Biomaterials; Condensed materials; Molecular sieves and applications; Nanomaterials; Nanotechnology; and more.

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Topics: Acoustic and noise control; Aerospace engineering; Applied mechanics; Automotive engineering; Biomechanics; CAD CAM; Computational mechanics; and more.

Remote Sensing and Geomatics

Topics: Digital cartography; Nautical cartography; Geographic information science and technology; Remotely sensed digital image processing; Radar remote sensing; and more.